Faux Stone Table Top

Faux Stone Table Top

Acidic compounds found in many foods such as tomato products, mustard, fruit juices, wines, colas, vinegar and coffee can leave permanent stains in stone material. The porous nature of stone also leaves it susceptible to heat retention. Care should be exercised when handling stone that has been subjected to lengthy exposure to the sun.

Clean tops with a soft, clean cloth or sponge regularly

  • Use warm clean water and mild dish soap
  • Do not use petroleum-based or abrasive cleaners
  • Rinse with plenty of clean water to remove any soap residue
  • Dry thoroughly after cleaning

NOTE: Always blot spills with a clean, soft cloth. Wiping could spread the spill. Repeat blotting with dry area of cloth until spill is totally absorbed. Rinse with clean, warm water and wipe dry.


Cushions are made from 100% acrylic material that has a soft, fabric like feel. Fabrics are treated for soil and stain resistance and are designed exclusively for outdoor use. For complete instructions on how to keep your fabric looking clean & new, please visit this link (be sure to select care & cleaning): Click Here



  • Remove light stains with a solution of mild detergent and water
  • Rinse with clear water
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Mildew and heavy stains can be removed with a quality commercial outdoor furniture cleaner and protectant


  • Vacuum away loose dirt
  • Prepare a solution of detergent and water
  • Skim the suds off into a damp sponge and apply to furniture, working on a small portion at a time
  • Use a small brush in crevices ( can be an old toothbrush, or a small paintbrush with the bristles trimmed by about half way in length)
  • Wipe off suds with a clean damp sponge


  • Wash with a mild detergent and mild soap solution
  • Dry with a soft towel
  • For added protection you can add a commercial car wax to protect the finish

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